trouble building libgcj: ConcreteProcess

Tom Tromey
Mon May 17 10:49:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Arvind" == Arvind Sankar <> writes:

Arvind> Building because isn't
Arvind> included (I think).

Try `make clean' first.

Arvind> Is there a reason why built_java_source_files can't be
Arvind> included in java_source_files in

Yes.  Build directory files mentioned in java_source_files will not be
found by gcj, and therefore won't be compiled.

Arvind> And what is the status of awt? It doesn't seem to be included
Arvind> in any make rules.

The AWT code is just stubs.  It isn't ready to be built and so isn't
mentioned in any rule.  It was checked in because it is easier to keep
track of it in the cvs repo than in some random source tree.

Arvind> Another point: is there a way to build without
Arvind> running $javac with _all_ the java files on the command line?

Not right now.

Arvind> Isn't there a danger of exceeding the argument number limit?


And not only that, but the current build method isn't very reliable.
There are cases where it seems like it ought to work, but it will not.

I'll fix this "someday".


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