trouble building libgcj: ConcreteProcess

Per Bothner
Mon May 17 11:46:00 GMT 1999

Tom Tromey <> writes:
> The AWT code is just stubs.  It isn't ready to be built and so isn't
> mentioned in any rule.  It was checked in because it is easier to keep
> track of it in the cvs repo than in some random source tree.

While the AWT stubs have only limited usefulness, it is enough to let
Kawa ( http://www.gnu/org/software/kawa ) be compiled with Gcj.  So I would
like to build them.  The problem is that it tickles a bug in the
compiler, causing jc1 to crash.

I took a look at the bug, but it is one of those "something isn't happening,
but it isn't obvious when it should happen", and in the process of cleaning
up things at Cygnus, it wasn't urgent enough.  If no-one fixes it, I'll
take care of it at some point.

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