Bryce McKinlay bryce@albatross.co.nz
Mon Nov 1 13:16:00 GMT 1999

The following reply was made to PR gcj/79; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Bryce McKinlay <bryce@albatross.co.nz>
To: java-gnats@sourceware.cygnus.com
Subject: Re: gcj/79
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 10:16:14 +1300

 Tom Tromey wrote:
 >  FYI, I just tried a simple test case and this works for me.
 >  Maybe something more complex is going on?
 >  I've appended my test code.
 >  I'm running a circa-Oct 21 gcc and an up-to-date libgcj.
 This problem seems to occur only when optimization is used. It works
 fine for me without "-O", otherwise, I get:
 [bryce@hokkaido array_final]$ ./a
 Out of Memory!  Returning NIL!
 And a stack trace with this in it:
 #8  0x40090a47 in _Jv_NewPrimArray (eltype=0x401921e0, count=1075380524)
     at ../../../libjava/gcj/cni.h:117
 #9  0x40090af5 in JvNewByteArray (length=1075380524)
     at ../../../libjava/prims.cc:402
 #10 0x40090c89 in _Jv_NewArray (type=8, size=1075380524)
     at ../../../libjava/prims.cc:444
   [ bryce ]

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