GSoC Blog Post 0 - GCCprefab build system

Wileam Yonatan Phan
Tue Jun 14 13:52:41 GMT 2022

Hi Jonathan,

I just pushed a commit to update the build script and config files to use the
release tags instead of the tip of the branch. Thanks again for pointing this



Hi Damian,

That's indeed a tricky issue to implement with the build script if the user
doesn't have sudo rights to install software on the system using the package
manager. Maybe I can make the script download the tarballs and build them from

Full disclosure: the script currently assumes all prerequisites have been
successfully installed, but based on the discussion here, I can add several
lines to check for their existence using `command -v`.

I'll start working on this later tonight.


On Tue, 2022-06-14 at 04:16 -0700, Damian Rouson wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 8:27 AM Jonathan Wakely via Fortran <
>> wrote:
> > It doesn't include them, but they are standard system packages that
> > everybody can install without downloading the sources and building
> > them from scratch. 
> unless the person is on a system on which they are not preinstalled and a
> system for which the person doesn’t have the sudo privileges that package
> managers often require.  What I’m describing is the norm for a lot of
> government employees and even many people at private corporations with strict
> security policies.  For what it’s worth, I’ve been assisting someone who
> contacted me with this very issue over the past few days.  Building the
> entire stack from source is the least painful option for this person. 
> > You still need to have the other prerequisites listed at
> >
> That is a long and daunting list for a newcomer.  I’ve listened to gfortran
> developers describe building gfortran as “easy” for more than a decade
> now.  Simply saying it’s easy doesn’t make it so. I don’t know that I’ve ever
> met someone who described the process as easy unless that person was a
> gfortran developer. 
> Damian

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