Issue with a flag that I defined getting set to zero

Gary Oblock
Fri Jan 7 09:18:37 GMT 2022


Yes, indeed, thank you.

Note, it is a reminder to those that are receiving proprietary
and that is considered as a legal obligation on the part of the
company transmitting it because they must make an effort to
protect their proprietary information.

I'm not a lawyer either but I feel like I'm being forced to
act like one. 😉

Now, can anybody answer my question?



From: Gabriel Ravier <>
Sent: Friday, January 7, 2022 12:56 AM
To: Martin Liška <>; Gary Oblock <>; <>
Subject: Re: Issue with a flag that I defined getting set to zero

[EXTERNAL EMAIL NOTICE: This email originated from an external sender. Please be mindful of safe email handling and proprietary information protection practices.]

On 1/7/22 09:38, Martin Liška wrote:
> On 1/7/22 09:30, Gary Oblock wrote:
>> Regarding the corporate legal gibberish. It's automatic
>> and not under my control also we're not supposed to
>> use private emails for work...
> I respect that. But please respect me that I won't reply to your
> emails any longer. I don't want to follow the conditions in the NOTICE!
> Cheers,
> Martin
As far as I know the notice has no legal significance at all (which Gary
should probably point out to his management. Really, pretty much the
only thing the disclaimer will do is that _some_ people _might_ read it
and _some_ of those people _might_ adhere to the terms given there,
which is basically meaningless compared to the general annoyance
resulting from disclaimers being at the end of e-mails everywhere). You
can't just magically establish an agreement that results in a duty of
nondisclosure like this without agreement, and just receiving an email
obviously isn't that.

(although ironically, I guess I should add a disclaimer of my own: I
ain't a lawyer and this isn't legal advice)

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