Good grief Charlie Brown

Dave Blanchard
Tue Dec 13 19:29:11 GMT 2022

On Tue, 13 Dec 2022 14:20:39 -0500
Paul Koning <> wrote:

> I'm puzzled.  What is your purpose?  What result do you expect from your messages?  What action would you like to see?

GCC is a "mailing list." This is a recent innovation in which people post comments about subjects they are interested in discussing, and others submit replies on response. 

My message was a reply in one of those ongoing conversations entitled "Good grief Charlie Brown", in which OP laments certain design decisions the GCC project was made.

A response was made to his post, containing a counter-argument.

My response to that response contained my own counter-counter-argument.


> I see some vague hints that there are some issues. 

Really? So you are vaguely aware that the GNU/Glibc/GCC bootstrap process is insanely brittle and broken?

> If you want those to be addressed, you should report them as defects through the bug tracker.  To do so, you should be specific as to what's failing so others can reproduce what you did and see what goes wrong.

So what should be the title of this issue--"your software is insanely broken and buggy and basically needs a partial or complete redesign"? OK. When should I expect resolution of this issue?

> Apart from that, generic "I don't like what you guys did" is obviously just going to get ignored as meaningless ravings.

And this should be considered surprising, considering GNU's long history of (seemingly on purpose) releasing junkware, despite user complaints?

Hell, I haven't even got started complaining about anything. Should we get into The Entire Linux Ecosystem, Led By GNU's recent bizarre decision to start incrementing major version numbers seemingly every 3 months? It's almost like you have forgotten every lesson you've ever learned about how to version software releases.


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