Remove RMS from the GCC Steering Committee

Gabriel Ravier
Tue Mar 30 18:30:29 GMT 2021

On 3/30/21 7:10 PM, Christopher Dimech via Gcc wrote:
>> Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 4:50 AM
>> From: "Martin Jambor" <>
>> To: "Giacomo Tesio" <>
>> Cc: "GCC Development" <>
>> Subject: Re: Remove RMS from the GCC Steering Committee
>> Dear Giacomo,
>> On Tue, Mar 30 2021, Giacomo Tesio wrote:
>>> Hi Nathan and hello everybody,
>>> On Fri, 26 Mar 2021 16:02:30 -0400 Nathan Sidwell wrote:
>>>> The USA is not the world and the SC is not the US government.  For
>>>> those in the USA, the (inapplicable) first amendment provides 5
>>>> rights, including showing an unwelcome guest the door. [...]
>>>> If we fail to do so, it will continue to be harder and harder to
>>>> attract new talent to GCC development.
>>> I do not know if I qualify to speak here because I'm Italian and
>>> I ported GCC 9.2.0 to Jehanne (a Plan 9 fork, see
>>>, but due to the
>>> pandemic I wasn't able to align it with the new developments and
>>> contribute the port upstream. Also, I have no idea if you would be
>>> interested in running GCC on a Plan 9 fork and thus accept my
>>> contribution.
>>> Yet, after a careful read of this thread I realized that I might
>>> be considered the kind of "new talent" Nathan is talking about.
>>> So here is my perspective on this topic, "in the hope it helps but
>>> without any warranty". :-D
>>> I do not share many of Stallman's opinions (we are VERY different), but
>>> when I write free software and contribute to a free software community,
>>> what I want is long term assurances about one and only one topic: that
>>> the software will stay free as in freedom, as a common good for the
>>> whole humanity.
>>> As of today, GPLv3 is the legal tool that best suit this goal.
>>> I don't think it's perfect in this regards, but that's another story.
>> Nobody suggested that GCC would be relicensed and certainly not to a
>> non-free license.  If you decide to contribute your port upstream, it
>> will be safe with us, regardless of who will or will not be on the
>> steering committee or running the FSF.  Just read the copyright
>> assignment text that you have singed or would need to sign to contribute
>> and look for FSF obligations as the license holder there.
>>> As an Italian I'm having a hard time trying to follow your reasoning
>>> about Stallman being a problem to attract new talents.
>> I do not believe that being European or Italian has anything to do with
>> it. I am European, I understand and agree with everything Nathan wrote
>> and apparently I am not the only one.
>> The ability to see and stand up to consistent wrongdoing is universal
>> and every human of every nationality posses it.  Unfortunately, all
>> people are also able to close their eyes and ears and ignore mistreatment
>> when they are not the victims and when their friend or their favorite
>> public figure is the perpetrator.  There is absolutely nothing American
>> or European about either.
> Young socialists have been getting organized on colleges campuses
> with these extreme ideas not only in the United States.  France, for
> instance has been harbouring a socialist model we should all dread.
> France was once a role model for what big government can do for its
> people. But it has become an embarrassing example since “The Gilets
> Jaunes” took to the streets to demonstrate against the insane amount
> of taxes they pay. These guys aren’t upper class. They are the people
> who had supported the policies that are inevitable when you have the
> government providing so many services and involved so deeply in so much
> of the economy.
> All those people in America who currently fall for the socialism soup
> that that Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders are selling need to realize that if
> their dream came to pass, they, not the rich – not the bankers and politicians
> – will be ones suffering the most from the high taxes, high unemployment, and
> slow growth that go hand in hand with the level of public spending they want.
I fail to see how this has anything to do with the message you're 
answering. Is this what the right-wingers in America are resorting to ? 
Randomly making speeches about the "socialist soup" whenever they 
encounter something they can't find a good answer to ?
>> Sincerely,
>> Martin

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