Remove RMS from the GCC Steering Committee

Christopher Dimech
Tue Mar 30 17:10:42 GMT 2021

> Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 4:50 AM
> From: "Martin Jambor" <>
> To: "Giacomo Tesio" <>
> Cc: "GCC Development" <>
> Subject: Re: Remove RMS from the GCC Steering Committee
> Dear Giacomo,
> On Tue, Mar 30 2021, Giacomo Tesio wrote:
> > Hi Nathan and hello everybody,
> >
> > On Fri, 26 Mar 2021 16:02:30 -0400 Nathan Sidwell wrote:
> >
> >> The USA is not the world and the SC is not the US government.  For
> >> those in the USA, the (inapplicable) first amendment provides 5
> >> rights, including showing an unwelcome guest the door. [...]
> >>
> >> If we fail to do so, it will continue to be harder and harder to
> >> attract new talent to GCC development.
> >
> > I do not know if I qualify to speak here because I'm Italian and
> > I ported GCC 9.2.0 to Jehanne (a Plan 9 fork, see
> >, but due to the
> > pandemic I wasn't able to align it with the new developments and
> > contribute the port upstream. Also, I have no idea if you would be
> > interested in running GCC on a Plan 9 fork and thus accept my
> > contribution.
> >
> >
> > Yet, after a careful read of this thread I realized that I might
> > be considered the kind of "new talent" Nathan is talking about.
> >
> > So here is my perspective on this topic, "in the hope it helps but
> > without any warranty". :-D
> >
> >
> > I do not share many of Stallman's opinions (we are VERY different), but
> > when I write free software and contribute to a free software community,
> > what I want is long term assurances about one and only one topic: that
> > the software will stay free as in freedom, as a common good for the
> > whole humanity.
> >
> > As of today, GPLv3 is the legal tool that best suit this goal.
> > I don't think it's perfect in this regards, but that's another story.
> Nobody suggested that GCC would be relicensed and certainly not to a
> non-free license.  If you decide to contribute your port upstream, it
> will be safe with us, regardless of who will or will not be on the
> steering committee or running the FSF.  Just read the copyright
> assignment text that you have singed or would need to sign to contribute
> and look for FSF obligations as the license holder there.
> > As an Italian I'm having a hard time trying to follow your reasoning
> > about Stallman being a problem to attract new talents.
> I do not believe that being European or Italian has anything to do with
> it. I am European, I understand and agree with everything Nathan wrote
> and apparently I am not the only one.
> The ability to see and stand up to consistent wrongdoing is universal
> and every human of every nationality posses it.  Unfortunately, all
> people are also able to close their eyes and ears and ignore mistreatment
> when they are not the victims and when their friend or their favorite
> public figure is the perpetrator.  There is absolutely nothing American
> or European about either.

Young socialists have been getting organized on colleges campuses 
with these extreme ideas not only in the United States.  France, for
instance has been harbouring a socialist model we should all dread.

France was once a role model for what big government can do for its
people. But it has become an embarrassing example since “The Gilets
Jaunes” took to the streets to demonstrate against the insane amount
of taxes they pay. These guys aren’t upper class. They are the people
who had supported the policies that are inevitable when you have the
government providing so many services and involved so deeply in so much
of the economy.

All those people in America who currently fall for the socialism soup
that that Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders are selling need to realize that if
their dream came to pass, they, not the rich – not the bankers and politicians
– will be ones suffering the most from the high taxes, high unemployment, and
slow growth that go hand in hand with the level of public spending they want.

> Sincerely,
> Martin

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