Check-In Requirements

Alexandre Oliva
Sat Jun 3 16:00:00 GMT 2000

On Jun  2, 2000, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:

> I think the benefits you mention for having people mail this stuff in
> are probably real -- but I'm not sure at this point that they're worth
> the effort.  I think that if we are going to do this we should have a
> separate database for these test results.

I think what we need is just a script that compares the testresults of
two `make check' runs, one before the patch, one after it, and prints
any differences in a format that the developer can include in the
posting, showing what problems are fixed, and that no regressions are
introduced.  I believe Mike Stump's contrib/compare_tests script does
that, so maybe it's just a matter of asking people to use it, or to
write some wrapper script around it so that it becomes a bit easier to
use to test all summary files?

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