Bug tracking system

Oleg Zabluda zabluda@math.psu.edu
Wed Jun 30 15:43:00 GMT 1999

In article < 3771172E.C7E7A398@acm.org > you wrote:
: Hi,
: some time ago it was muted that it'd be good if we tracked bugs with some
: kind of system. I've had a look at GNATS/PRMS, Jitterbug and bugzilla,
: However the
: all fall short in one way or another. Here are my thoughts,

: Requirements:
:   we must accept bugs via email
:   we must have some kind of web front end to the bug system.
:   we need to accept followups/patches/bugreports from anyone.
:   anyone can view bug reports etc.
:   those with CVS write access should be allowed to change bug report states.
:   maintainers should have some way of indicating patch approval.
:   automatic cc'ing about patches ready for approval

Did you try looking at the Debian bug tracking system?



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