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Michael Gschwind
Wed Sep 30 19:53:00 GMT 1998

I must admit I call it ANSI C as well -- mostly because that was what
it was called when I converted after some initial resistance from K&R,
but I think the right thing is to call it ISO C...

There may be something cultural involved, also.  As a European, I get
quite annoyed when that abomination of an Operating System from the
Seattle Law firm Gates and Partners calls everything, including ISO
Latin-1 "ANSI". 

When you are using the ISO SI system (that is, those who use it), you
do not call it French revolutionary millimetre either, to acknowledge
the hard work accomplished by the French revolution...


> As a way of giving thanks to the ANSI committee for all their hard
> work for C and C++.  Do you think it is wrong to acknowledge their
> hard work?
> > Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 14:11:31 +0200 (MET DST)
> > From: Gabriel Dos Reis <>
> > BTW, why does EGCS always refer to "ANSI C++" instead of "ISO C++ ?"

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