cpplib success!

Zack Weinberg zack@rabi.columbia.edu
Mon Sep 28 10:38:00 GMT 1998

With the patches I posted this weekend to egcs-patches, cpplib can be
used to compile glibc, provided you don't build it into cc1.  (It might
work built into cc1 but I haven't tried it yet.)

There are code generation bugs in egcs-CVS right now which break cpplib;
don't 3-stage the compiler or cpp will dump core on moderately complex
input.  The problem is that a function called with two pointers, both of
which are valid in the caller, receives one correctly but the other turns
into NULL.  I'd guess inlining problems but I don't know anything about cc1.

Also, glibc's math library still tickles reload bugs.  What's the status of
Bernd Schmidt's reload patch?


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