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Dave Avery cwax@pacbell.net
Mon Sep 28 03:19:00 GMT 1998

On Sun, 27 Sep 1998 14:43:07 PDT, John Breen wrote:

>From: "Jeff Stephens" <jeffstep@gte.net>
>>I keep trying to download egcs 1.1, but everytime I click on the item
>>I'm taken to a different window of a type I haven't encountered
>>before and a box pops up that says VRML compilation error - header
>>string not found.  What am I doing wrong.  Using Windows 98 and
>>Explorer.  Thanks.
>>Jeff S.
>Sounds like it's the way your browser is set up to handle gzipped files.  
>VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language, a 3D desciption language) files 
>are allowed to be gzipped; trouble is, there seem to be some bugs in how 
>the browsers handle this.  It looks like yours is set up to assume that 
>any gzipped files are VRML files.
>I'm not familiar with Explorer, but there must be some preference 
>setting that says what to do with files of a certain type.  Also, 
>Netscape will always download a file if you <Shift>-left-click on it; 
>this is also available from the pop-up menu with the right mouse button.  
>Maybe Explorer has something similar.
By default Microsoft has set Explorer to use gz files as VRML, you need to 
change the association for .gz / vrml from "start vrml program" to "always ask"


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