VRML problem

John Breen jab3@hotmail.com
Sun Sep 27 16:28:00 GMT 1998

From: "Jeff Stephens" <jeffstep@gte.net>
>I keep trying to download egcs 1.1, but everytime I click on the item
>I'm taken to a different window of a type I haven't encountered
>before and a box pops up that says VRML compilation error - header
>string not found.  What am I doing wrong.  Using Windows 98 and
>Explorer.  Thanks.
>Jeff S.

Sounds like it's the way your browser is set up to handle gzipped files.  
VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language, a 3D desciption language) files 
are allowed to be gzipped; trouble is, there seem to be some bugs in how 
the browsers handle this.  It looks like yours is set up to assume that 
any gzipped files are VRML files.

I'm not familiar with Explorer, but there must be some preference 
setting that says what to do with files of a certain type.  Also, 
Netscape will always download a file if you <Shift>-left-click on it; 
this is also available from the pop-up menu with the right mouse button.  
Maybe Explorer has something similar.

Hope this helps.
John A. Breen

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