Oddities with gcc/g++ linkage

H.J. Lu hjl@lucon.org
Tue Sep 22 14:12:00 GMT 1998

> > As a follow-up, yes giving the --enable-shared parameters fixes the
> > problem. Martin, I suggest you recompile egcs-1.1b with --enabled-shared
> > and see if that cures your problem. 
> I guess it would, but this is not my point (this wasn't even my
> problem :-)
> IMHO, it would be better if the relevant libio parts came from libc
> instead of libstdc++, even when linking libstdc++ statically. But
> then, I can't provide a fix, so we have to live with the work-around.

That is intentional. There are some libio bugs in libc 5 which only
show up when used by libstdc++. That is why there are some, not all,
libio stuff in libstdc++ for libc 5. For libc 6, aka glibc 2, only
one libio file, iogetline.c, is included in libstdc++ since some older
glibc 2 have bugs in iogetline.c.

H.J. Lu (hjl@gnu.org)

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