prefer install.texi or htdocs/specific.html?

Dave Love
Sat Sep 19 16:10:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Buell <> writes:

 Alex> On Fri, 18 Sep 1998, Jeffrey A Law wrote:
 >> We should probably convert the entire installation section from the
 >> gcc manual into html and put it in the htdocs directory.  And (of course) 
 >> remove the info from the gcc manual itself.

 Alex> This would be a big win. 

If I interpret this right, I fail to see the logic of removing the
installation instructions from the distribution.  It would also seem
wrong to make them available only in HTML, and not plain text.

 Alex> Better still, write this using sgml,

The GNU format is currently Texinfo, for better or worse.  Much as I
might prefer sufficiently well thought out SGML, precious
documentation effort would surely be better spent just writing in
Texinfo than pratting about changing everything (including providing
people who [dw]on't use Emacs with an SGML editor).  How much Texinfo
documentation have you written?

 Alex> and then we can convert it to html, txt, dvi, postscript, even
 Alex> info etc. A big win.

That's clearly not an advantage over Texinfo.

 Alex> I now use sgml for nearly everything since it is so easy to use
 Alex> sgmltools to convert it to html or text.

FWIW, the current sgmltools stuff is fairly grotty IMNSHO, and a
Jade-based one isn't obviously going to have (for instance) plain text
output in a sane fashion in the near future.

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