prefer install.texi or htdocs/specific.html?

Jeffrey A Law
Sat Sep 19 20:44:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > If I interpret this right, I fail to see the logic of removing the
  > installation instructions from the distribution.  It would also seem
  > wrong to make them available only in HTML, and not plain text.
They'd still be in the distributions, but in HTML as part of the total
project installation instructions.  ANd like all the other HTML stuff
we would also provide it in plaintext form.

Another possibility would be to break out the install stuff into its
own manual, with texinfo source.  The problem is getting updates to
that separate manual onto the web server automatically.  If we fail
to have that capability, then we've simply punted the underlying
problem -- two sets of install docs which are out of sync.


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