g++/i386: 4-byte inline struct return

Joern Rennecke amylaar@cygnus.co.uk
Thu Sep 17 09:59:00 GMT 1998

> I'll try this when I get back home. I think gcc should return struct
> values in registers anyway (ignoring -fpcc-struct-return) if the caller
> and callee can follow the same struct-return convention (i.e. inline and
> static functions). Is there a fallacy in my thinking? I hope somebody more
> experience can tell me if this is easy to 'fix' in egcs. 

We can't do this for non-inline static functions - nor the non-inline
expansion of an inline static function - if the choice in general is
-fpcc-struct-return .  We don't know if the address of the function is
taken before we have compilde the entire file.

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