egcs 1.1b sparc Solaris 5.5.1 optimsation failure

Alexandre Oliva
Wed Sep 16 22:55:00 GMT 1998

Mark Phillips <> writes:

> I am running Solaris 5.5.1 on a Sparstation 5. The assembler is from
> binutils 2.8.1 as is the ld.

binutils 2.9 or newer is required for some C++ exception handling
issues, but that's not your problem.  

> Are these failures expected?!

The loop-related problems are expected on sparc, and they're fixed in
the latest experimental snapshot of egcs; but they won't be fixed in
release 1.1.1, AFAIK; the cases they test are too rare to throw
experimental code into what is supposed to be a stable release.

I'm not sure about the other tests, but I believe I've reproduced them
in the final test of egcs 1.1 on sparc; only execute/980506-2.c still
fails with the latest snapshot.

Alexandre Oliva
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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