egcs-1.1.1 issues

Laurent Bonnaud
Wed Sep 16 21:52:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeffrey A Law <> writes:
Jeff> I haven't had a chance to walk back through the new bug reports, but
Jeff> I have seen lots of problems reported with QT (particularly on Alphas)
Jeff> and various PPC Linux problems.  So those problems should probably
Jeff> deserve some consideration for egcs-1.1.1.


I have reported an ICE40 a few monthes ago and it is still in egcs-1.1
and in egcs-2.92.04 19980906 :

The source is included below for your convenience.

Several other peoples have reported ICEs 40, but i don't know if they
are related.

Here are other (less serious) bugs :


template <int i>
struct Sized {
  float array[i];

template <class T>
struct rank_type {
  enum { value = 0 };

template <class T,int N>
struct rank_type<T[N]> {
  enum { value = 1 + rank_type<T>::value };

template <class T>
Sized<rank_type<T[1]>::value> type_deduction_helper(T x[])
  return Sized<rank_type<T[1]>::value>();

#define Rank(x) (sizeof(type_deduction_helper(x).array)/(sizeof(float)))

void f()
  double d[10][10][10];				  // works for double, too
  int x[Rank(d)];

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