Help: can't rebuild binutils

Jeffrey A Law
Sat Sep 12 16:29:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > I downloaded egcs-1.1a and binutils-2.9.  While trying to decide on a 
  > directory structure, I went ahead and did a "sample" build of egcs (no 
  > binutils, so using HP assembler and linker).  It appeared to work, 
  > although I had to use gcc for linking; ld wouldn't find things like 
  > __main.  Linking a small "hello world"-type program resulted in a 21K 
  > executable.
You must use the same compiler to build & link.  ie you use gcc to build
the various code into .o files, you should use gcc to link the .o files
into an executable.

  > It printed a message that scrolled off too quick for me to see, but said 
  > something about ld not being supported for this configuration.
That is correct.  gnu-ld is not supported for PAs running hpux.

  > Anyone have any suggestions?  Why didn't binutils build ld?  What do I 
  > have to delete to be able to run configure again?  And why did my 
  > executable more than double in size?  Is it linking a static library 
  > that had been shared?  How can I find out?
If you ended up linking in static libraries instead of shared ones it
would certainly increase the size of your executable.

However, you did not indicate what "55k" really meant -- was that
the size of hte executable, the size of the text segment or what?

It could be debug symbols, the symbol table, shared vs non-shared
libraries, etc etc.

Comparing the size of the executable is mostly pointless.  What is
important for the running program is the size of the text data and
bss segments.

For the debugger the size of the debug sections and the symbol table
are important.


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