Help: can't rebuild binutils

John Breen
Fri Sep 11 10:02:00 GMT 1998

I'm still stumbling around in the dark, so bear with me.  But I'm really 
confused at this point.

System: HPUX-10.2 running on a C180.  HP standard (non-ANSI) compiler.
        configure says hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20

I downloaded egcs-1.1a and binutils-2.9.  While trying to decide on a 
directory structure, I went ahead and did a "sample" build of egcs (no 
binutils, so using HP assembler and linker).  It appeared to work, 
although I had to use gcc for linking; ld wouldn't find things like 
__main.  Linking a small "hello world"-type program resulted in a 21K 

I then set up binutils in a separate src and build directory, and 
configured it (with CC set to the gcc I'd built above).

  ../src/binutils- \
    --prefix=/data/ecad_libs/contrib --enable-shared --norecursion

It printed a message that scrolled off too quick for me to see, but said 
something about ld not being supported for this configuration.  I went 
ahead and built and installed it (different install directory than the 
gcc above).

Then I set up egcs (different src and build directory than before, CC 
set as above), configured, built, and installed (same install dir as 

  ../src/egcs-1.1a/configure --prefix=/data/ecad_libs/contrib \
    --enable-shared --with-gnu-as --norecursion

Everything seemed to go well.

I still have to link with gcc in order to resolve all the symbols, but 
now my "hello world" program is 55k.

I went back to binutils to run configure again so I could see the 'ld' 
message, and I can't get configure to work now.  I deleted everything in 
the build directory, but configure comes back with only

  Created "Makefile" in /data/ecad_libs/binutils/build using
  "mh-frag" and "mt-frag"

Trying to make just about anything comes back with "Nothing to be done 
for <...>" (except "make clean", which just deletes the usual files in 
the top level directory).

Anyone have any suggestions?  Why didn't binutils build ld?  What do I 
have to delete to be able to run configure again?  And why did my 
executable more than double in size?  Is it linking a static library 
that had been shared?  How can I find out?

Any help appreciated.
John A. Breen

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