Warnings in the C++ Front-End and GCC in General

Craig Burley burley@gnu.org
Thu Sep 10 16:02:00 GMT 1998

>Are these nobs really worthwhile?  I see this request about every year
>or two, while there seems to be some demand, I don't think it is
>critical.  I was all for this type of code going into the compiler,
>but now I guess I am undecided/ambivalent.

Having read the input of people like John Carr, I agree it *can*
be quite useful for a product to have plenty of knobs (the correct
spelling, I believe ;-).

I still feel egcs/gcc has the ultimate set of "knobs" by being available
as source code, and that the top priorities of current and future
development of egcs should not include making the production of
precisely formulated stdout (assembler) and stderr (diagnostic)
output possible.

Those who *do* want such production include a few who I believe
do know what they're doing, and who'd appreciate almost any knobs
we could give them.  It's the rest of that group -- those that
really don't understand how to use them -- that worry me.

        tq vm, (burley)

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