Cross compiler headers

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Sep 9 01:24:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > Unless I missed this, there should be an entry for this in the faq.  I
  > know there isn't one in the cross-faq (the most logical place as these
  > options are only supported for cross-compilers), but I didn't look too
  > hard in the main egcs faq having been pointed to the cross-faq.  There
  > *was* a breif mention of pre-supplied headers/libs in the cross-faq (ie
  > in lieu of glibc/newlib), but no mention of how to use them was made.
  > I guess I should volunteer myself and update the cross-faq.
--with-libs= and --with-headers= are documented in the egcs installation
guide on the web and included in the egcs distribution.

We do not maintain the cross-gcc faq.  In fact I believe that the
cross-faq is without a maintainer right now.


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