g77 on VMS? [was Re: ADA frontend?]

Klaus Kaempf Klaus.Kaempf@ditech.de
Mon Sep 7 00:22:00 GMT 1998

> Alex> I'm not sure if egcs C++ and Fortran have been ported to the
> Alex> VAX/VMS platforms too.
>If anyone (proGIS?) has a story on g77 for VMS, please share it for
>Fortran supporters' purposes.

Allright :-)

Egcs 1.1 (C and C++) works fine on vms/alpha, I just never tried g77 on the
Egcs on vax/vms is a different story but I'm working on that one. However, I
have gcc 2.8.1 (c and c++) working on vax/vms so egcs shouldn't be too hard.

To get g77 running one must

- adapt configuration files (no sh, sed, grep, ... on vms !!)
- write a makefile.vms for gnu make
- look closely on ptr_mode vs Pmode on the Alpha, most code using it *is*

I'd be happy to support any g77 on vms projects.


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