egcs-1.1a with pgcc-1.1 patch compiled; Q: tests hang-up PC

Sandris LACIS
Sat Sep 5 15:44:00 GMT 1998

I compiled without any problem


 TestSuit at some moment completly hang-up my PC,
so I even cann't detect at which moment it happens.

Perhaps somebody  can give me advice what to do?
How to detect exact test where it happens and how to 
detect why?

my best regards
Dr.Phys. Sandris LACIS   PostDoc in Nice - Sophia Antipolis University 
Post address: LPMC, Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Parc Valrose
              06108 NICE CEDEX 2, FRANCE
phone: 04 92 07 67 95         fax: 04 92 07 67 54 (France)

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