ADA frontend?

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Sep 4 16:34:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > I see. Maybe it's time someone started looking into building a native ADA
  > front end for egcs. 
The biggest problem is the folks that did the GNU Ada front-end do
not work with the egcs project.  They work exclusively with gcc2.

  > You need ADA to build ADA? Oh dear.
To say the least.  This is (one) of the many serious issues that we'll
have to deal with to suck in the Ada front end.

  > It'd be nice if the ADA front end was
  > rewritten in C to drop into the egcs system (after all that would be quite
  > useful for porting to platforms that doesn't have an ADA compiler handy).
Note binaries are provided for some of the more popular platforms.  In
theory, you can use those to bootstrap ada on unpopular platforms.

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