ADA frontend?

Alex Buell
Fri Sep 4 05:05:00 GMT 1998

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Jeffrey A Law wrote:

> There is an Ada front end for gcc.  However, it does not just drop into
> the source tree and work.

I see. Maybe it's time someone started looking into building a native ADA
front end for egcs. 
> The short term plans mostly consist improving the Ada patchkit so that
> folks can pick up the Ada front-end, patch it and have it work.

That would work best short term, but in the long term we do definitely
need to look into elegant solutions.

> Note, the Ada front-end is actually written in Ada, so you're going to
> need binaries for a Vax (?!?) or you'll have to make Ada work as a
> cross compiler.  It's been done, but I've gotten the impression it is
> not easy.

You need ADA to build ADA? Oh dear. It'd be nice if the ADA front end was
rewritten in C to drop into the egcs system (after all that would be quite
useful for porting to platforms that doesn't have an ADA compiler handy).

Hmm, (ruminates) might be a nice project to fill up these lonely winter

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