Voice your opinion! (overload resolution)

Jason Merrill jason@cygnus.com
Thu Sep 3 22:45:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> Reid M Pinchback <reidmp@MIT.EDU> writes:

 > At 01:02 PM 9/3/98 -0700, you wrote:
 >> It is ill-formed, because template argument deduction fails.

 > Increasing the verbosity setting would be appreciated.  I kinda figured
 > that the template argument deduction failed; after all the code 
 > didn't compile.  The purpose of my question was ascertain whether or
 > not user-defined conversions in template classes are supposed to be 
 > factored into the template argument deduction

Nope; very few conversions are considered by the deduction process.  See


for more information.


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