Inconsistance in snapshots repository

Raja R Harinath
Wed Apr 15 23:03:00 GMT 1998

Jeffrey A Law <> writes:

>   In message < >you write:
>   > Gerald Pfeifer writes:
>   > 
>   > > And on a final related note, I suggest to use 19980404 instead of 980404,
>   > > unless egcs won't be Y2000-compliant! <g>
>   > 
>   > BTW, would it be possible to have a ``moving tag'' called
>   > `egcs_latest_snapshot', updated whenever a snapshot is released?
> This is an excellent idea.  The only trick is to coordinate it with
> the actual "release" of a snapshot.
> It would require another checkout and tag operation to occur when
> the snapshot is actually released.  And thus has to be done outside
> of the normal snapshot script (and therefore is more prone to user
> error).


  cvs -d /path/to/repo rtag -r egcs_ss_YYYYMMDD -F egcs_latest_snapshot egcs

do the trick.

- Hari
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