egcs on AIX & multithreading

David Edelsohn
Sun Sep 21 08:31:00 GMT 1997

>>>>> Andrey Slepuhin writes:

Andrey> I'm using gcc on AIX, and what I really need is to build multithreaded
Andrey> applications. Native compiler (C Set++ 3.1.4), if invoked as xlC_r
Andrey> (instead of xlC) uses thread-safe versions of crt0.o and libraries.
Andrey> Neither gcc-2.7.2 nor current snapshots of egcs have not such features.
Andrey> With "plain" C it is not difficult to make appropriate linkage manually,
Andrey> but with C++ here is a problem. Is it possible to make appropriate
Andrey> compiler switch in future versions, or I must patch sources to force
Andrey> gcc to use thread-safe libraries?

	The gcc-2.8 snapshots have had such a feature for a long time and
egcs has inherited them.  -mthreads command-line option even is described
in the TeXinfo documentation under Submodel options for RS/6000 and
PowerPC.  Please use the existing switch.

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