egcs on cygwin32 i586

Mumit Khan
Thu Dec 11 07:47:00 GMT 1997

You should pose these questions to gnu-win32 newsgroup, since that's where
all the gnu-win32 users hang out.

> I have gnuwin32 b18 installed. Downloaded Mumit's win32 egcs1.0 pre-build
> binaries. untarred them over gnuwin in the dir c:/gnuwin32/b18. This seems to
> be the apropriate place. Installed coolview (libcygwin.a and cygnus.dll) and
> all seens to be OK.

You should use *my* libcygwin.a, even if you use Sergey's cygwin.dll.

> all but one thing: the default include path is incorrect: unable to find
> stdio.h etc. So I hacked the makefile of my app to search the specific dirs
> for these files. Now the compilation goes fine. But the linking doesn't. It
> just stops. Well actually it just doesn't.
> so 2 questions: How do I change de default include-dir?

See the FAQ for cygwin32 ( ).
Basically you have to set the C_INCLUDE_PATH, C_PLUS_INCLUDE_PATH, etc.

I've uploaded a sample SETENV.BAT file in my ftp area that should work
for you. Where you found the gnuwin32-egcs-1.00.tar.gz file.

for future reference, when you report problems, you should include at
least the following:

1. You current environment settings.
2. output of the compiler with -v option:
   % gcc -v test.c

3. also the linking step:
   % gcc -o ntat.exe -v main.o


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