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Franz Sirl
Mon Dec 1 11:33:00 GMT 1997

At 20:08 01.12.97 , Jeffrey A Law wrote:
>  In message <>you write:
>  > >Can you have examples of problems this causes?  I've had no problems
>  > >this on the alpha (either osf or linux).
>  > 
>  > Ok, eg. for powerpc-unknown-linux-gnulibc1:
>  > - configure calls config.guess before determing the cc to use
>  > - config.guess defaults to ${CC-cc} for the compiler
>  > - if CC is not set and cc is not in the path (gcc only system, egcs also
>  > does not install any symlink from gcc to cc), all compile attempts in
>  > config.guess will fail and some default values will be used.
>Ah.  I see.
>I guess linux is one of the few systems that doesn't have "cc" of some
>sort (either a vendor compiler or as a link/front-end to gcc).

Linux does usually have a link from gcc to cc, but Linux also usually has
some sort of package management like RPM. So being a careful installer I
removed gcc with rpm -e gcc  (which also removes the symlink, headers,
etc.) and installed egcs with make install. Upgraded to the next egcs
snapshot and voila, my ppclibc1 stuff was no longer working. Took me quite
a while til I noticed what was happening ;-).


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