Re: --target=powerpc-eabi: error: static declaration of ‘strndup’ follows non-static declaration

Kai Ruottu
Thu Nov 9 12:51:00 GMT 2017

Kai Ruottu kirjoitti 9.11.2017 klo 14:32:

> Oops... Must check my eyes or learn to look a little backwards... Just 
> before
> the previous there was :
> case "${host}--x${with_newlib}" in
>   mips*--xyes)
>     hardwire_newlib=1;;
>   nvptx*--xyes)
>     hardwire_newlib=1;;
> esac
> Nowhere else besides in the 'libgfortran' subdir this was seen. 
> Duplicates
> in '' and 'configure'. Maybe fixing the '.ac' could be 
> enough or
> then both. I'm not any expert in the GNU configury system...  It seems 
> that
> the choices for Fortran are quite limited and 'powerpc' should be 
> added too.

When fixing the 'libgfortran/configure' to have :

--------------------- clip ---------------------------
case "${host}--x${with_newlib}" in

# Check for library functions.
if test "${hardwire_newlib:-0}" -eq 1; then
    # We are being configured with a cross compiler. AC_REPLACE_FUNCS
    # may not work correctly, because the compiler may not be able to
    # link executables.
--------------------- clip ---------------------------

the build succeeded :)

I think the 'configure' being produced from the '' via 
or something, so if suggesting a patch this or both should be edited...

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