VSE2010 with GTKmm

ArbolOne arbolone@hotmail.ca
Tue Feb 12 21:30:00 GMT 2013

There is no problem with the code.
#include <iostream>

1. template< typename T> 
2. std::string& toString(const T& data){
3.   std::stringstream num(std::stringstream::out);
4.   num << data;
5.   return run.c_str();
6. }

However, an error is triggered by line 3. This error started happening as soon as I added the GTKmm property sheet. If I remove the property sheet from the project, then the applicatin compiles without any problem.
So, the problem is the gtkmm and not VC++ or the IDE in my Win7.
Is there anyone here having the same problem?

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