CLooG hell

Jonathan Wakely
Mon Jul 16 12:27:00 GMT 2012

On 16 July 2012 13:13, Vladimir Kraljević wrote:
> I'm refering to these instructions:
> If there is some better source, please tell me.


The instructions at refer to the SVN
trunk, which was recently changed to use CLooG-ISL, without PPL.
Those instructions don't even mention PPL.

If you want to build 4.7.1 use the instructions for 4.7.1, not the
instructions for trunk. Clear enough yet?

> I know that 4.6.3 and 4.7.2 work with PPL 0.11 (using provided
> instructions). however, configure should check if later version is present,
> IMHO, as it states.

Your opinion is noted.

> What I'm trying to highlight is that builders are enforced to use old
> library (PPL 0.11) for some reason (then again, the question is why using
> PPL when it is instructed to use ISL? I allow the possibility that I didn't
> understand CLooG dependencies well).

Because you're trying to use the instructions for GCC trunk to build GCC 4.7.1


Do you understand that yet?

> I'm going to test this statement after PPL 0.12 build, I'll write about this
> issue once more.

Hmm, or you could use the version recommended in the 4.7.1 installation docs.

> But seriously guys, I think that it should be nice to plan for the future.
> New versions of libraries are sometimes faster and sometimes provide bug
> fixes. Just allow the possibility of choosing the libraries to the builders.

As documented:
"While any sufficiently new version of required tools usually work,
library requirements are generally stricter. Newer versions may work
in some cases, but it's safer to use the exact versions documented. We
appreciate bug reports about problems with newer versions, though."

Since you're failing repeatedly to get it working, maybe you should
just stick to the exact versions documented and leave it to others to
test the newer versions.  Follow the instructions and it will work.

GCC trunk no longer uses PPL at all, that dependency has been replaced
by ISL, but for GCC 4.7.1 just try following the instructions. The
right ones.

You're not saying anything new or useful to anyone, you're just
failing to follow instructions and complaining about a known situation
which is described in the docs, so I'm done with this thread. Good

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