CLooG hell

Vladimir Kraljević
Mon Jul 16 12:13:00 GMT 2012

I'm refering to these instructions:
If there is some better source, please tell me.

I know that 4.6.3 and 4.7.2 work with PPL 0.11 (using provided 
instructions). however, configure should check if later version is 
present, IMHO, as it states.

What I'm trying to highlight is that builders are enforced to use old 
library (PPL 0.11) for some reason (then again, the question is why 
using PPL when it is instructed to use ISL? I allow the possibility that 
I didn't understand CLooG dependencies well).

I'm going to test this statement after PPL 0.12 build, I'll write about 
this issue once more.

But seriously guys, I think that it should be nice to plan for the 
future. New versions of libraries are sometimes faster and sometimes 
provide bug fixes. Just allow the possibility of choosing the libraries 
to the builders. Otherwise, why it is called library if you can't share 
it / upgrade it.

On 07/16/2012 02:01 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 16 July 2012 12:10, Vladimir Kraljević wrote:
>> I am following the instructions, perhaps I didn't write that clear. I even
>> generated html in local dir (just in order to avoid possible issues, I was
>> following the graphite/gcc build instructions on the website).
> Which instructions exactly?  The installation instructions for GCC
> 4.7.1 aren't on the website.
> Please read my mail again.  I said the
> instructions are probably out
> of date and not authoritative.
> The instructions at apply to SVN trunk, not
> to the 4.7.1 release you're using.  You were very clear that you want
> to use that release, so you should be looking at
> gcc-4.7.1/INSTALL/index.html in the release sources.
> You clearly aren't doing that, because you're not using the versions
> suggested there.
>> I've tried to build with following versions of CLooG:
>> cloog-0.17.0.tar.gz (from
> The 4.7.1 installation instructions say to use 0.15 or 0.16
>> cloog-0.16.2.tar.gz (from
> That worked fine for me.
>> cloog-parma-0.16.1.tar.gz (from
>> cloog-polylib-0.16.1.tar.gz (from
>> development snapshot via git (from git:// )
>> And with following versions of other libs:
>> gmp-5.0.5.tar.gz
>> mpc-0.9.tar.gz
>> mpfr-3.1.1.tar.gz
>> polylib-5.22.5.tar.gz
>> ppl-1.0.tar.gz
> The 4.7.1 instructions say to use ppl 0.11
> Instead of complaining that releases should be marked experimental if
> the given instructions don't work, maybe you should actually follow
> the given instructions?
>> For each mentioned library, `make check` passes good (including CLooG).
>> However, when it comes to graphite build, I always experience one of two
>> outcomes:
>> 1. configure fails with following message:
>> checking for version 0.11 (revision 0 or later) of PPL... no
>> configure: error: Unable to find a usable PPL.  See config.log for details.
> Did you use --enable-cloog-backend=isl as documented in
> gcc-4.7.1/INSTALL/prerequisites.html?
>> 2. if I provide --disable-ppl-version-check to graphite's configure,
> Don't do that.
> Here are the steps that worked for me (with gmp-devel 4.3.1 installed
> from RPM, it should also work if installed manually, mpfr and mpc
> sources placed in the GCC source tree)
> wget
> tar xzf ppl-0.11.tar.gz
> cd ppl-0.11
> ./configure --prefix=/blah/ppl --enable-interfaces=c,cxx
> make
> make install
> cd ..
> wget
> tar xzf cloog-0.16.2.tar.gz
> cd cloog-0.16
> ./configure --prefix=/blah/cloog --with-ppl=/blah/ppl
> make
> make install
> cd ..
> mkdir objdir
> cd objdir
> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/blah/cloog/lib:/blah/cloog/ppl/lib
> ../gcc-4.7.1/configure  --with-ppl=/blah/ppl --with-cloog=/blah/cloog
> --enable-cloog-backend=isl <other options>
> make
> It worked perfectly for me.
> If you want further help then you'll need to be clearer about what
> instructions you are using and exactly what steps you followed.
> Obviously you're doing something wrong, because following the
> instructions works for me.  Please follow the instructions in
> gcc-4.7.1/INSTALL including using --enable-cloog-backend=isl if
> appropriate and if that doesn't work please be explicit about exactly
> what configure commands you used.

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