Adding a file to libgomp

Amittai Aviram
Tue Nov 22 22:15:00 GMT 2011

I am creating a modified version of GCC's libgomp library, which involves a few additional files.  I've already added three successfully, but now I have to add a fourth, and I cannot remember the correct procedure.  I tried adding the name of the file to the list of *.c files called libgomp_la_SOURCES in (line 34 in my GCC release), and then went to my build directory (which is a sibling to my gcc source's root directory), and entered

../configure --prefix=<my_install_directory_path>
make -j
make -j install

But, when I looked at gcc_obj/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, I found no reference to the new file, and an objdump disassembly confirms that the new code is not there.  

What is the correct way to add a file to the libgomp build?  Thanks!

Amittai Aviram
PhD Student in Computer Science
Yale University
646 483 2639

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