Problems compiling the GCC 4.3.5

Jonathan Wakely
Fri Jan 28 15:54:00 GMT 2011

On 28 January 2011 14:12, Paul van Hoven wrote:
> I had a look in to the config.log in
> i386-apple-darwin10.6.0/libgcc/config.log
> and I found the following:
> dyld: Library not loaded:
> /Users/toom/Downloads/mpfr-3.0.0/build/lib/libmpfr.4.dylib
>  Referenced from: /Users/toom/Downloads/gcc-4.3.5/obj-gcc-4.3.5/./gcc/cc1
>  Reason: image not found
> xgcc: Internal error: Trace/BPT trap (program cc1)
> Please submit a full bug report.
> When I compiled mpfr and gmp I did it with the following call to the
> configure script
> gmp:
> ./configure --prefix=/Users/toom/Downloads/gmp-5.0.1/build/
> make
> make install
> and mpfr with
> ./configure --prefix=/Users/toom/Downloads/mpfr-3.0.0/build
> --with-gmp=/Users/toom/Downloads/gmp-5.0.1/build/
> make
> make install
> After that I moved the compiled stuff into a directory called
> /Users/toom/gcc4.3.5/requiredLibs/gmp-5.0.1
> and
> /Users/toom/gcc4.3.5/requiredLibs/mpfr-3.0.0
> respectively.
> Therefore I think make looked into a wrong directory.

Why didn't you just use the right --prefix option in the first place?

I recommend starting again.

As you were originally building in the source tree, if you didn't do
it already you should remove that entire treeand unpack the gccsources
again.  Then put the gmp and mpfr sources in the gcc source tree
(renaming or linking gmp-x.y.z to gmp and mpfr-x.y.z to mpfr)

Then remove the entire objdir and create it again empty.  Then
configure without --with-gmp or --with-mpfr, the source in
gcc-4.3.5/gmp and gcc-4.3.5/mpfr will be found and used.

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