Testing GCC-4.5.3 on mips-sgi-IRIX6.5

Callum Massey kais58@sucs.org
Thu Aug 25 10:52:00 GMT 2011

On 08/24/2011 06:00 PM, Rainer Orth wrote:
> thanks.  I see that the fast majority of failures is with
> compiler exited with status -1
> output is:
> spawn failed
> I saw them myself at a time, and under par found
> 11260mS          expect(517760): open("/dev/ptmx", O_RDWR, 037777777777) = 8
> 11261mS          expect(517760): stat("/dev/pts/2", 0x7ffae0f0) errno = 2 (No such file or directory)
> For some reason, ptys weren't created on demand, but had to be created
> manually since /dev/MAKEDEV had no support for that.  I never found out
> what was wrong, but the problem hasn't bitten me since.
>> I'll rebuild these and then use them to build gcc-4.6.1 now, do you mean
>> the minimum required versions ie 2.4.2, 4.3.2, 0.8.1?
> Exactly.  At least on Tru64 UNIX, newer versions even fail their own
> tests, and we had similar reports e.g. on SPARC.
I've built 4.6.1 with these and uploaded the testsuite directory again.
> Those should be fine.
> 	Rainer

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