Building GCC 4.3.3 for the ARM processor.

Ian Lance Taylor
Tue Feb 23 18:30:00 GMT 2010

Vincent Forbes <> writes:

> I am trying to build an eabi cross tool-chain for the arm using
> version 4.3.3.  I noticed from earlier mailing list posts that the
> configuration flag --disable-libunwind-exceptions is not working as
> intended and that --without-system-unwind is the preferred flag.  I
> wonder what is the change in the GCC build between the two flags.  If
> the host system does not contain the stock libunwind, then does gcc
> use its defaults and does this --without flag explicitly tell GCC to
> use its version of libunwind?

By default gcc will use an internal unwind library.  If you use
--with-system-libunwind, gcc will use the system libunwind library
instead.  The --with-system-libunwind option has been around since at
least gcc 4.1.

> Also, some colleagues of mine are running into problems when linking
> compiling with optimization turned on.  After a check, I suspect that
> the option --enable-target-optspace is compiling libgcc with space
> optimization and any program linking to it will cause errors.  The
> make check output also fails in tests where optimization is turned on.

Sounds like a bug.


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