Unable to get a plugin working

Cedric Roux cedric.roux@acri-st.fr
Mon Feb 15 09:46:00 GMT 2010

Hristina Fidanoska wrote:
> Hello,
> Last night I recompiled the GCC replacing it with a little bit older
> version (gcc-4.5-20100121)
> and the plugin still can not be loaded, but with a different error:
> cc1plus: error: Cannot load plugin ../libimo/libimo.so
> ../libimo/libimo.so: undefined symbol: 
> _ZN11NodeFactory10CreateNodeEN4BEEV4KindERKNS0_7ASTNodeES4_RKSt6vectorIS2_SaIS2_EE 

"c++filt _ZN11NodeFactory10CreateNodeEN4BEEV4KindERKNS0_7ASTNodeES4_RKSt6vectorIS2_SaIS2_EE"
NodeFactory::CreateNode(BEEV::Kind, BEEV::ASTNode const&, BEEV::ASTNode const&, std::vector<BEEV::ASTNode, std::allocator<BEEV::ASTNode> > const&)

So the missing function is NodeFactory::CreateNode, whatever that is.

if it is helpful in a way or another...

(the _ZXXX name is a "mangled" name. In C++ the compiler encodes functions
and methods this way because the name is not enough to identify a function/method,
you need the parameters too.)

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