gcov and autotools - filename issues

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen@shikadi.net
Sat Apr 10 05:59:00 GMT 2010

>>   $ gcov tests/tests.cpp
>>   tests.gcno:cannot open graph file
>> Which is correct, because the autotools name it as tests/tests-tests.gcno.
>> Likewise all the other .gcno files are in subdirectories with the directory
>> name prepended onto the filename.
> http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc-4.4.3/gcc/Invoking-Gcov.html
> Note the -o option.

I had a look at the -o option, but I'm not sure how to use it.  For example,
this is the only way I can get gcov to run:

  $ gcov tests/tests.cpp -o tests/tests-tests

But then it produces tests.cpp.gcov that contains a bunch of lines like this:

        -:    1:/*EOF*/
        -:    2:/*EOF*/
        -:    3:/*EOF*/
        -:    4:/*EOF*/
        -:    5:/*EOF*/
        -:    6:/*EOF*/
        -:    7:/*EOF*/
        -:    8:/*EOF*/

I'm also a bit confused about why I should supply a .cpp filename instead of a
program name.  How does it know which program to run?  If I run "gcov
string.cpp" how does gcov know that it needs to run some other program with
certain parameters to actually execute the code in that file?


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