gcov and autotools - filename issues

Ian Lance Taylor iant@google.com
Sat Apr 10 04:46:00 GMT 2010

Adam Nielsen <a.nielsen@shikadi.net> writes:

> Having just discovered gcov, I would like to use it with my autoconf-based
> project.  Unfortunately all the examples seem to use only one source file,
> whereas I have many and they're in different subfolders.
> If I compile my code with the appropriate GCC options, the .gcno files get
> created but I'm not sure how to run gcov.  For example I have some unit tests
> in a tests/ subdirectory:
>   $ gcov tests/tests.cpp
>   tests.gcno:cannot open graph file
> Which is correct, because the autotools name it as tests/tests-tests.gcno.
> Likewise all the other .gcno files are in subdirectories with the directory
> name prepended onto the filename.
> If anyone can shed some light on how gcov should be run in this situation
> please let me know!


Note the -o option.


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