modifying libgcc.a

Navid Toosizadeh
Thu Jan 22 18:08:00 GMT 2009


For some reason, I like to modify libgcc.a after GCC is built. I intend to add new definitions for macros such as mulsi3 existing in libgcc.a. Here's what I did:

I compiled the new definition of mulsi3, made the object and then converted it to libgcc.a using "ar".

Now, to test this, I wrote a small program that multiplies two numbers. When I do "gcc test_program.c libgcc.a" it compiles and the output is correct.

But when I do : "gcc test_program.c", it throws an error complaining about undefined reference to __mulsi3, although I did put the libgcc.a in the path (and the linker doesn't complain there's no libgcc when I tried -lgcc).

Could you help e understand why the definition of __mulsi3 is not used from libgcc.a when I test "gcc test_program.c"?

Best regards


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