help building cross compilation ia32 to ia64

Tim Prince
Thu Nov 16 14:21:00 GMT 2006

Kai Ruottu wrote:
> adheer chandravanshi wrote:
>> We want to build cross compiler ia32 to ia64.
> This normally means using the current native $build/$host GCC to compile 
> the $target
> binutils and the $target GCC from their sources, the FSF GCC release 
> sourcess being
> preferred.  The current ones are 'binutils-2.17' and 'gcc-4.1.1', but 
> for a Linux target the
> "Linux binutils" sources, '' at '' are 
> recommended....
The choice between those may be debatable, but either should get you 
> Your 'ia64' or "Itanium" isn't very well supported in the Linux distros 
> nowadays, the last I
> remember seeing among  the mainline distros is that "Red Hat Linux 7.1 
> for ia64".   The
> 'amd64' or 'x86_64' 64-bit CPU has replaced it totally among the 64-bit 
> PCs...  The WinNT4.0
> probably was the last Windoze for that too...
> Although your 'ia64-linux-gnu' Linux distro would be old, with 
> 'glibc-2.2.2' or something,
Why this propaganda?  If you sincerely believe OP is confused between 
x86-64 and ia64, say so or ask for clarification.  I don't see much 
relevance of your opinion on "mainline distros" apparently excluding the 
SuSE, RH, and Debian which are in widespread use.  OP presumably has a 
target in mind.  I'm somewhat amazed by the contrast in your advice to 
use a current release or newer version of binutils, but not to use 
anything else from the last 3 years.  RH 4.3 or newer definitely have 
advantages over earlier RH, aside from needing one of the binutils 
upgrades you mentioned.

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