help building cross compilation ia32 to ia64

Kai Ruottu
Thu Nov 16 12:54:00 GMT 2006

adheer chandravanshi wrote:
> We want to build cross compiler ia32 to ia64.
This normally means using the current native $build/$host GCC to compile 
the $target
binutils and the $target GCC from their sources, the FSF GCC release 
sourcess being
preferred.  The current ones are 'binutils-2.17' and 'gcc-4.1.1', but 
for a Linux target the
"Linux binutils" sources, '' at '' are 

 You seem to need also GDB, so producing it from its sources is required.

> We have downloaded the following tar-balls from from 
> i686 package:
> upstream-binutils_20061029.orig.tar.gz
> tco-gcc-20061029.inst.tar.gz
> upstream-gdb_20061029.orig.tar.gz
> Are these correct binaries or do we need to get them from ia64 package?
 Never heard about this "", what on earth it is?
> Do we need to download something else?
 Although one needs to produce the $host-to-$target crosstools, one 
usually doesn't need
to rebuild the existing target libraries.  If the $target system, for 
instance "RedHat 7.1/ia64"
there also exist the prebuilt target libraries: 'glibc', 'X11-libs', 
'gtk' etc. for it !

 So the sources for binutils, GCC and GDB plus all the required prebuilt 
target libraries are

> Do we need to have a certain combination of tools to build cross
> compiler? If yes, have we downloaded the right combination?
Your 'ia64' or "Itanium" isn't very well supported in the Linux distros 
nowadays, the last I
remember seeing among  the mainline distros is that "Red Hat Linux 7.1 
for ia64".   The
'amd64' or 'x86_64' 64-bit CPU has replaced it totally among the 64-bit 
PCs...  The WinNT4.0
probably was the last Windoze for that too...

Although your 'ia64-linux-gnu' Linux distro would be old, with 
'glibc-2.2.2' or something,
the current binutils and GCC sources shouldn't care... But always 
consulting  the nice GCC
manuals, in this case the "Installing  GCC", is highly recommended!  If 
the "Target Specific
Install Instructions" tell something about the 'ia64-*' targets, that 
should be read!

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