Executable/Toolchain questions

Bahadir Balban bahadir.balban@gmail.com
Fri May 13 23:03:00 GMT 2005


1) If I build a test.o, and try to convert it to flat binary by:

arm-elf-ld test.o -o test.bin -Ttext 0x8000 -e main --oformat binary -N,

it complains for specifying an output format for an arm-elf able ld.
it makes sense for me since the name is "arm-elf"-ld. But then what ld
should I have to do this?

2) The fields in a tool configuration are cpu, os, manufacturer, and
kernel. So elf is specified as part of cpu field perhaps? Why do I
need to have an object-format-specific toolchain compiled? Can't I
produce many formats with one toolchain?

Many thanks,

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