need advice on AIX on building gcc 4.0 on iSeries V5R3 PASE (AIX emulation)

David Edelsohn
Thu Apr 28 14:09:00 GMT 2005

>>>>> Henri Gomez writes:

Henri> I posted to BZ a bug #21261, which seems similar to the 9382.
Henri> I see your post on AIX atoll problem in BZ
Henri> ( and I also wonder
Henri> how to fix the header.

Henri> I modified the /QOpenSys/usr/local/bin/../lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-ibm-aix5.1.0.0/3.3.4/include/stdlib.h
Henri> to add the required :

Henri> extern long long atoll();

Henri> The error is still here.

	If I understand correctly, you are configuring and building GCC on
AIX 5.1, not AIX 5.2.  I am not sure to which version of AIX iSeries V5R3
PASE corresponds.  Is there a reason that you explicitly are choosing

	The GCC configuration for AIX 5.2 in GCC 4.0 tries to work around
this problem by adding another declaration of atoll().

	If configuring GCC for AIX 5.2 is a possibility, you might try
that.  Or you could try adding the declaration to
gcc-4.0.0/gcc/config/rs6000/aix51.h, matching the one in aix52.h.

	I am not sure why the declaration did not work.  Was the GCC 3.3.4
you are using to bootstrap built on the same system?  The problem is
caused by using GCC built on AIX 5.1 to bootstrap on AIX 5.2, not
switching from gcc-3.3.4 to gcc-4.0.0.


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