Newbie Question for Windows

Fri Sep 17 00:21:00 GMT 2004

A friend of mine that has a fair amount of C programming experience and I,
who has no experience in programming in C, are looking for a common compiler
on which he can program and I can learn to program in C (and all variations,
C++ etc.)  I am familiar with the Microsoft Visual methods of programming in
various languages and applications.  Primarily I would like to learn and use
the C compiler/GUI on Windows, but I would like to think that what I learn
can carry over to the Linux box as well, should I decide to program in
Linux.  From what I understand, GCC and its various libraries are available
for Windows.  Neither of us has ever worked with GCC and know nothing about
it.  Below are several questions.  Thank you all in advance for your
patience and answers.

>From where do I download GCC for Windows in a usable format? 
I followed the GCC website but got lost somewhere.  I think I found it
somewhere in .HZ format but I have no way to unzip it.  

Does GCC or any other freely licensed version have a GUI interface such as
MS Visual C?

Is GCC a good compiler on which to learn C?

What all do I need to download and install to have a complete and usable

What don't I know to ask?

Thank you,


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